1972 HONDA CB 125 (Modifikasi) - For Sale

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1972 HONDA CB 125 (Modifikasi)

HONDA CB 125 THN.1972 (modification)
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 10 million
Seller Location: East Java

HONDA CB 125 THN.1972 (modification)

Handlebars + piston Tiger
CDI Ignition DC Shigun 110
Offal Original Honda Tiger
Transmission 5 Spedd forward all (Rare)

Tank, Seat, (standard)
Tires Front: 185/17 Rossi Rims aluminum
Rear Tires: 185/17 Rossi Rims aluminum
Brakes Front: Disc Mega Pro
Rear Brakes: Disc Vega R
Tromol Front: Baby Ninja 5 Jari-Jari (Rare)
Rear drum: Honda Grand Vs RX King (Rare)
Swing Arm Kakasaki Kaze
The shock front: Mega Pro
Rear shock: Mega Pro
rp wrote 10 Jeti nego ....
Because ane Antiques sell expensive rada hehehehhe Gan ...
Aris Hub.Ane 085755550157
1972 HONDA CB 125 (Modifikasi)
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