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Honda Benly S110 1976 For Sale. Honda called the pioneer manufacturer of two-wheeled bike with 4 stroke technology, how it is in 1973, PT. Federal Motor as a sole supplier and seller of branded Honda motorcycle in Indonesia, bringing a 110cc bike capacity to meet consumer desires at that time, it built up from the land of the cherry Honda Benly S110 1976.

Honda Benly s110, with an ergonomic design, as well as carrying a fuel-efficient engine technology that is 4 steps. As if to bring the audience to remain at home without riding along with situnggangan kosumsi concerned with the affairs of fuel if invited to walk a long way. With the machine is not configured like a bike upright bars or not sleeping like a motorcycle, but can still yield considerable power in its class, will give confidence to remain stable sipengendara spur the iron horse in optimum condition.

Honda Benly S110 1976 For Sale. Motorcycle carrying a single-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 109cc, air cooled, apply a stick shift like a motorcycle with a 4 speed, manual berkopling wet type, the lives of the electricity is still supplied by the source of platinum with wet bervoltasi 6v battery, manual kick starter, telescopic shock suppressed the dauble shockbreker the front and the back, using a wheel with a circumference of 18 "-250 on the front of the drum plus berpenghenti rate, and 18" -275 on the back which is also still rely on the drum as before to reduce the rate of the motor, fuel tank capacity 6LT , which he said ya ... from the pack de-pak de who once raced the same bike, at that time, the motor is capable lauched up to speed 100kpj manufacturer's standard conditions.

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Benly Honda S110 a complete dead letter of the tax, motor healthy way ... RP 3 million negotiable, For those of you who are interested, please contact this number: 085 647 762 218
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