1970 Honda 350 Scrambler

1970 Honda 350 Scrambler. Honda began producing the 350 Scrambler motorcycle in 1968, 1969 and continued manufacturing it through 1973. The 1970 Honda 350 Scrambler shared the same engine specifications with the other production years.

The Honda 350 Scrambler weighed 346 lbs.. It had a 325 cc four-stroke engine with twin overhead cams and dual carburetors. The 350 Scrambler was rated at 35 horsepower at 9,500 rpm. The Scrambler had a five-speed, constant-mesh transmission. The top speed was 100 miles per hour. The Honda 350 Scrambler did a quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds.

1970 Honda 350 Scrambler Pictures
1969 Honda 350 Scrambler

The Honda Scrambler was designated as a CL model. The CL indicated that the motorcycle had some off-road capabilities. The 1970 Honda Scrambler CL had a high-mounted rear fender and exhaust pipe for better off-road performance. The Scrambler also had a braced handlebar.
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