1971 Honda SL 350 For sale

The 1972 Honda CB 350 and all other motorcycles made since 1970, Specifications and Pictures Honda SL 350 Modif by oldmotorclassic.blogspot.com. The 1970 SL350 was a motorcycle developed by Honda Motor Company, a Japanese vehicle manufacturer founded in 1948. This was the first bike in a series that ran until 1973. The original SL350 was replaced in 1970 by the K1 model, which itself was replaced in 1972 by the K2; this was the final vehicle in the series.

General Specifications
Make Honda Model SL350
Year 1971
Displacement CC 350.00
Type Enduro
Engine and Components
Cubic Centimeters 350
Cubic Inches 21.358310435
Gear Ratio Sprockets 2.50 Chain Size 520
Front Sprocket 16 Rear Sprocket 40

For Sale 1971 Honda SL 350

Selling rare items, for who like adventure ...
1971 Honda SL350 th intact condition, smooth engine, well, okay date ...
- Frame machine + ori
- Quasi DPN ori
- Spakbor blkg ori
- Drum blkg DPN-ori
- Plate ori seats
- Neck exhaust ori
- + Tank emblem ori
- Air filter ori

The 1971 Honda SL 350 For sale original is not quite a lot: the exhaust silencer, spakbor front, headlamp, speedometer, stoplamp, cover the battery, carburetor, back tomorrow ....
Photo catch up via email or BB ..
who are interested for bs call 085643227614 or BB 32EADFE6 (grand-jogja)
Thank you in advance ...

(Picture above example, for information please contact the number on the image above)
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