1984 Yamaha L2 Super For Sale

Yamaha L2 Super. This type of motor may now be very difficult to find, Yamaha as the second largest player in Indonesia, of course, take the sweetness of the cake sprayed motorcycle business in the domestic market. One of these classic motorcycles, Yamaha L2 Super reap substantial sales in the range of the 1980s.

Yamaha l2 super full original (Semarang)
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 7.5 million
Seller Location: Central Java


Yamaha L2 Super For Sale, full original stuff .. machine ready to go out of town, all the panels, lights, spido meter, oil pump next to the function of all, life tax, license plate H Kendal, in Semarang goods, suitable for nostalgia or a collection. guaranteed not to be disappointed ... all like new, pull the machine is still responsive .. not inferior to the new motor, should be tried ..
serious enthusiasts hub.085 797 260 933/024 7021 3877, more details pic clay directly gan .. goods in accordance with the drawings.

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