1973 Honda CB 175 Twin Modif Original - For Sale

1973 Honda CB 175 Twin Modif Original For Sale - The CB175 was a standard motorcycle made by Honda from 1969 to 1973. It had a 174cc overhead camshaft twin-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled engine, dual carburetors, dual exhausts, 5-speed gearbox, 12 volt electrics, kick and electric start, front and rear drum brakes, turn signals, speedometer with trip meter, 1972 and later models, and tachometer, and was rated at 20 horsepower.

1973 Honda CB 175 Twin

Honda CB 175 Twin 1973

1973 CB 175 Twin Antique Chic Rehearsal probably anyone would nerusin Honda CB 175 Twin committee of 1973. In aatas motorcycle is to be sold by the mas sirambo :

A. This bike was built since 2008. Of starting material, beresin little bit.
2. Start the engine diturunin, electrical, diidupin letters again, paint the body and frame, and finally finishing all the accessories.
3. Parts ora bin ori imi beaten, replace each aselinya "Haji Motor" aka HM.
4. Until now, have not get the exhaust ori HM (pake for CB 125), rear shock daleman pake for tiger.
5. Healthy machine, no lame-lame. Ignition still use platinum. His run was okay, darling aja cuman old motorcycle brake drum orinya still hehehe ...
6. Using that day 20 miles back and forth home-office, petrol ngisi 10 thousand just for 2 days.
7. Electrically normal, all lights flashing. RPM, a normal speedometer.
8. Idup vehicle registration until 2014.
9. Hmm, let alone huh? Ah, better clay and immediately wrote cobain ya gan his bike in Bandung.

May directly contact me at 0811.221.544 or PIN 22CDC4B3.
But sorry, for the serious bargain would be yes.
Opening price of 30 million. Nego thin

Thanks all, thanks for CM ...
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