1939 BMW R51

1939 BMW R51. The 494cc BMW R51/2 was the first postwar boxer engine motorcycle produced by BMW after World War II. Five thousand were manufactured from 1950 into 1951. It was preceded only by the single-cylinder, hard-tail 250cc R24 of 1948-195. An excellent example of this pre-war motorcycle with BMW Owners club letter confirming original frame and engine together with original handbook and manual. Runs well. This is a rare usuable quality pre-war machine.

The 1939 BMW R 51 RS is one of only two known BMW factory racers in private hands and the only unrestored pre-War ‘Rennsport’ in existence. Net presents BMW R51 motorcycle images. Our database contains 1000s of classic and vintage bikes. Our BMW R51 images range from Old classic motorcycles

1939 BMW R51. BMW introduced a single cylinder 250cc machine, the R24 in 1948 and followed it with an over head valve, horizontally opposed twin displacing 500cc in 1950, typed the R51. The new machine featured plunger rear suspension and telescopic front forks and was followed in 1951 by a visually identical model displacing 594cc typed the R67. The enlarged model produced a claimed 26bhp at 5,500 rpm compared to the smaller machines 24bhp at 5,800 rpm resulting in an increased top speed from 87 mph to 93mph and would remain in production until 1956, undergoing two revisions during that time.

1939 BMW R51 Pictures

1939 BMW R51 500CC

1939 BMW R51 Specifications and Pictures :

Engine: 494cc (68x68mm) o.h.v. horizontally opposed twin. Fully enclosed valve-gear operated by pushrods and twin chain-driven camshafts. Light-alloy cylinder heads and cast iron barrels. Light alloy pistons. Crankshaft supported by two ball bearings. Oil pump in crankcase reservoirs driven by skew gear and shaft from offside camshaft; reservoirs capacity, 3.5 pints. Compression ratio: 6.3 to 1

Fuel capacity: 3 gallons. Tires: Metzeler 3.50x19 inch studded front and rear. Brakes 7.87 inch diameter front and rear. Suspension BMW telescopic front fork with hydraulic damping; plunger type rear spring with coil compression springs and rubber deflection stops. Wheelbase: 55 inches. Saddle: Pagusa rubber pan type with tension spring anchored to nose pivot. Unladen height 29 inches.

Ignition and Lighting: Bosch coil with manual advance by the handlebar lever. Gear ratios: Bottom 11.8 to 1. Second: 8.87 to 1. Third: 6.61 to 1. Top: 4.85 to 1. Single plate clutch in flywheel. Shaft secondary drive with flexible coupling at front and universal joint at rear. Spiral bevel final drive gears in oil bath; reduction ratio: 3.89 to 1. RPM at 30 mph in top gear approximately 1,900.

Weight: 396 pounds
Braking from 30 mph to rest on damp surface 31 feet
Turning circle 16 feet
Minimum non-snatch speed: 16 mph in top gear
Weight per cc: .89 pounds
Petrol consumption: At 50 mph 61 mpg
Carburettor: Bing Spezial 1/22/29 and 1/22/30; twist grip throttle
Air shutter on intake cleaner in upper gear box cover
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