Suzuki Thunder 250, Modif Modern Cafe Racer

Suzuki Thunder 250, Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Modification Suzuki Thunder 250, 2002 (Jakarta)
Suzuki Thunder 250, Modern Cafe Racer

Custom Motor Bike Studio (SMCB) expertly made ​​by Jap's working style and café racer. This is what makes Viki Ismail smitten makeup style café racer for the modification of his Suzuki Thunder 250.

"When it comes to the workshop Studio Custom Bike bike has been modified stylish naked bike style, he's just not satisfied because the result was deemed not fit," explains Donny Arianto owner builder as well.

Capitalized searching in cyberspace and Sodoran some concepts, Viki eventually Ismail refer cafe racer look. "Changes the basic concept café racer but some parts taken from copotan moge today," said Viki are more inclined to change the Neo café racer.

Suzuki Thunder 250, Modif Cafe Racer Modern

Modification of the framework baseball a lot has changed, the article frames the model center Thunder flanking arm swing is matched with a retro theme. Stay a little change at the end of the rear frame is made shorter. "For the body to make everything new and just rely on galvanized plate," a story builder who is also riding this hobby.

Front tire: 110/70-17 Battlax BT92
Rear tire: 160/70-17 Battlax
Exhaust: Custom
Headlights: Yamaha Mio
SMCB: (021) 92653870
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