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1954 Royal Enfield 500cc twin;
essentially, a twin-cylinder Bullet. Note the pre-casquette headlight/speedometer arrangement. Image also details a sprung front mudguard. Strangely enough, the Enfield's persona as a throwback to simpler times is not the end result of a marketing department's zealous pursuit of the graying sect desperate to revisit the long dormant fancies of their youth. Quite the contrary. For 50-plus years, Enfield India has been pumping out an average of 30,000 Bullets annually to fill the need for inexpensive, functional and reliable transportation at home, as well as many third world countries.

1954 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Cafe Racer In 1954, the Bullet’s gearbox end cover was reworked and simplified. Also, the gear lever and kickstart lever were now pivoting around a common axis.
Another important upgrade was the fitment of Armstrong shock absorbers/dampers which transformed the skittishness of the back end (previously supported by Enfield's less than adequate items) and gave a more taut and self-assured ride on both the flat and the bumps.
In 1955, dual seats, that had been optional since 1952, were standard fitment. The compression ratio on the 350cc Bullet was raised to 7.5:1 with a corresponding increase in horsepower (up from 18bhp to 19.5bhp—20bhp according to some accounts). The camshafts were also reworked for quieter operation. Frames were modified, most visibly around the shock absorber/damper units top mounts. Both bikes were given full width brake hubs. And the 350cc Bullet gained a new (ported) cylinder head with a larger inlet valve. Also, the exhaust header pipe was revised and was now a push fit instead of a push-over-stub arrangement. If that sounds like a retrograde move, the fact is that it worked.

Classic Motorcycles Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Cafe Racer

1954 Royal Enfield Bullet Specifications :
Type: Air-cooled OHV single
Capacity: 346cc (350cc)
Bore & Stroke: 70mm x 90mm
BHP: 18 @ 5750rpm
Compression ratio: 6.2:1
Transmission: 4-speed, multi-plate wet clutch
Brakes: 6-inch drums front and rear
Electrics: 6-volt, magdyno
Front suspension: Telescopic,
two-way damped
Rear suspension: Swinging arm,
twin shock absorbers/dampers
Wheels: 3.25 x 19-inch front,
3.50 x 19-inch rear
Weight: 350lbs
Maximum speed: 70-75mph
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