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BSA Gold Star DBD34 Classic Motorcycles

The BSA Gold Star was available in two displacements, the 348cc B32 & the 499cc B34. The new Gold Star engines used an all-alloy cylinder barrel & head which was 20 pounds lighter than the cast iron unit of the B-series singles. These hand-built engines were available with different compression ratios, cams, carburetors & exhaust systems, and two different cylinder heads, one for the Trials version & the other for everything else. They were then run on a dynamometer & the test results with power output were shipped with the bike. Besides engine specs, the BSA Gold Star could be ordered in Touring, Trials, ISDT, Scrambles, Racing or Clubmans trim.

Vintage Bikes BSA Gold Star DBD34

For 1954, the Gold Star Clubmans & Road Racing versions got a new engine designated CB, as opposed to the BB engines in the other models. The CB had more finning on the top end & a backswept exhaust that gave them a striking appearance. Internally, the 500 got a shorter connecting rod, & a strengthened crankshaft with oval flywheels (to provide clearance for the piston). Valve adjustment was now achieved via eccentric rocker shafts (allowing a lighter rocker arm with no adjuster nuts). The Amal GP carburetor had a remote float bowl. Both BB & CB continued into 1955 in all but ISDT trim.

1956 BSA DBD34 Gold Star Specifications :
Type: Air-cooled OHV single
Capacity: 499cc (500cc)
Bore & Stroke: 85mm x 88mm
BHP: 42 @ 7000rpm
Compression ratio: 8.75:1
Transmission: 4-speed, multi-plate
wet clutch
Brakes: 8-inch front, 7-inch rear
Electrics: 6-volt, magdyno
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Swinging arm,
twin shock absorbers/dampers
Wheels/Tyres: 3.00 x 19-inch front,
3.50 x 19 rear
Weight: 384lbs (dry)
Maximum speed: 110mph
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