1971 Triumph Trident T150 Specifications and Pictures

1971 Triumph Trident T150 Classic Motorcycle

1972 Triumph T150 Trident 750cc four stroke overhead valve triple cylinder engine.
Triumph Trident T150 ownership tips

1. Good carburettor balancing is crucial, and you will need a set of vacuum gauges to do it accurately, so factor that in. The centre carb, incidentally, is difficult to "tickle", but extensions levers (as fitted to later models) are available.
2. Check the pedigree when buying. T150s are only as good as the last builder, and an "amateur" build may not be good enough to rectify many of the known problems with factory built Tridents, which include poor top-end assembly and poor cylinder machining - but when sorted, it's sorted.
3. The three sets of ignition points are trouble-prone and tedious to adjust. Most bikes will have been converted to electronic ignition, so check when buying. Conversion, however, is relatively simple.
4.The T150’s engine is comprised of 14 castings and ought to leak like a sieve. But amazingly, the castings are generally reasonably oil tight. That said, check carefully all around the bike particularly between the main vertical crankcase joints and gearbox joints which could result in a full engine strip.
5. All T150s are right-side gear change, so factor that in when buying - but keep in mind that even if you're used to left-side changes, you can usually adapt fairly quickly and confidently.
6. The valve gear on T150s takes a pounding. So check for exhaust oil smoke on the overrun. Oily bores are typical on non-sorted models. Oil seals on the inlet valve stems help conserve the black stuff.
7. T150 oil tanks are rubber mounted and are prone to cracking. So check regularly.
8. A clonking noise on tickover could be clutch cush-drive rubbers failing. This is a weak spot on Tridents. Relatively easy to fix, if a little time consuming.
9. Generally, Tridents consume a lot of oil - which can be reduced by fitting O-rings on the valve guides (not all owners agree that fitment is wise). Modern valves and guides, however, are a must on the next rebuild. Ditto for modern pistons and rings, and an expert rebore and hone from a Trident specialist.

Vintage Bikes Triumph Trident T150

1971 Triumph T150 Trident Specifications
Type: Air-cooled OHV pushrod triple
Capacity: 740cc (750cc)
Bore & Stroke: 67mm x 70mm
BHP: 58 @ 7250rpm
Compression ratio: 9:1
Transmission: 4-speed, multi-plate dry clutch
Brakes: Disc front, drum rear
Electrics: 12-volt, alternator
Front Suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Swinging arm, twin shock absorbers/dampers
Wheels: 4.10 x 19-inch front & rear
Weight: 460lbs (dry)
Maximum speed: 115-120 mph
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