Old Classic Motorcycles : 1954 BMW R25/3

1954 BMW R25/3 Photo Gallery
Old Classic Motorcycles : 1954 BMW R25/3

With the 1953-to-1956 R25/3, BMW updated the 250cc OHV single with a new hydraulic fork, a gas tank that was flatter and longer, with the tool box moved to the side, and different wheels and hubs. Rims were changed from steel to alloy, and shrank to 18” from 19”. Engine configuration specifications changed slightly. The compression ratio went from 6.5:1 to 7.0:1, and power was increased from 12 HP to 13 HP.

The R25/3 was a very popular BMW motorcycle. There were 47,700 were sold over three years, compared to 12,020 R24s, 23,400 R25s, and 38,651 R25/2s.

In the photos below is a 1954 R25/3, the last year of the R25 series of motorcycles. Note the full-width brakes, front fork sliders, air pump, chromed front fender backet, and longer gasoline tank, under which resides the air cleaner. Also, the seat suspension spring has changed. Click here to read the R25/3 specifications.

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