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Old Classic Motorcycles - The BSA ZB31, introduced in 1949, was the first new model introduced by the company after the Second World War. Based on pre-war designs, it used a single cylinder four stroke engine that displaced 350 cc

Vintage Bikes 1949 BSA ZB31 350cc
Classic Motorcycles 1949 BSA ZB31 350cc

For Sale ZB31 1949 BSA 350cc

BSA for the fans ...
ya quick sale BSA ZB 31 350 cc 1949
letter along in perfect health condition (vehicle registration BPKB live)
delicious healthy engine gearbox
goods in surabaya price of 50 million negotiable
direct contact 08121743163 or 085730117163
pict. catch up bro ...... please help ... bro krunz admin ...
images can be seen in the store ... good motor scooter category sub category of old days ..
before really .... thanks for admin
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