BMW R27 1968 - For Sale

BMW R27 1968. It was the relatively powerful and elegant BMW R27 Classic Motorcycle, a 250cc OHV vertical single with the only rubber-mounted thumper engine BMW ever produced. The engine pumped out 18 horsepower, the highest ever for a shaft-drive BMW single. BMW manufactured 15,364 R27s over the production years of 1960 through 1966 (some of the 1966 R27s were sold as 1967 models). What was the last single-cylinder shaft-drive BMW motorcycle model made? BMW R27 1968 - For Sale.

BMW R27 1968 - For Sale. The vast majority of R27 motorcycles exported to the United States by BMW were black with white pinstriping. A few, however, were brought in by importer Butler & Smith in a color called Dover white, with black pinstriping, as shown on the 1966 R27 above, left. Why "Dover white?" Butler & Smith head honcho, Michael Bondy, had a 1942 Packard automobile in an off-white color called dover white. Bondy sent a sample of this color to BMW AG in Munich and asked that it be duplicated. BMW did copy the color, and Bondy ordered fifty motorcycles in that color. Today, BMW motorcycles in original dover white are a sought-after rarity British BMW R27 Motorcycles.

BMW R27 1968 Classic Motorcycles
BMW R27 1968 Old Classic Motorcycle
BMW R27 1968 Classic Bikes
BMW R27 1968 For Sale

Dijual 1968 BMW R27
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 123 123
Seller Location: West Java


Already there ya gan appearance

gan excuse me, want to ride motorcycles bmw help friend selling R27 epidemic in 1968
complete papers
-FULL original
-no custom
-there are only a few special items in Indonesia
beautiful plate D-2727 ER number

price = call +6285721020928
pin 222D6C32
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