Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 - For Sale

Harley Davidson Sportster 1996. Harley Sportsters have been with us for many years now, and with the Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 - For Sale Sport edition you could say they've come full circle. First introduced in 1958, Sportsters were based loosely on the K-model racer of the middle to late 50's. Stripped down, narrow, and light-weight, they were considered the Sixties superbike. During the AMF days of the 70's and early 80's, though, the Sporty evolved into Harley's econo-cruiser. With the arrival of the 883 Sportster, and now the Sportster 1200S, Harley has brought the Sporty back to where it started, to compete with semi sporting bikes.

Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 For Sale. If riding in the twisties at anything more than a good clip is your idea of fun, you should take a hard look at the new 1200S Sportster Sport. Assuming, of course, that you want a Harley -- because compared to almost any modern sport bike, the 1200 Sporty doesn't stand a chance in hell of staying close when the going gets tight.

The 1200 Sport is an enjoyable, easy-to-ride motorcycle with no real vices, and without the extreme riding position. It's just the best handling, most competent H-D Sportster ever to come out of Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 For Sale.

1996 Harley Davidson Sportster Classic Motorcycle
Harley Davidson Sportster Modif Jap Style

Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 special
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 115 million
Seller Location: West Java

Harley Davidson Sportster 1996 For Sale. Excuse me agan, mas, kang, bro .... I want to sell Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200 super modified special conditions

Motor / Brand: Harley Davidson
Type: Sportster XL1200
Year: 1996
Capacity: 1200cc
Screaming Eagle Air Fillter KNN
Fuel Tank: Custom Fortyeight
Fuel Cap: Original Harley Custom Accesories
Wheels: 16 inch Fatboy
Tires: White wall
Custom Paint Job: Fahmi Freeflow
Handgrip: Avon
Exhaust Pipe: Modified with black powder coating
Saddle: Genuine Leather

Seriously interested call no sms +628987045555
location of goods in Bandung

Sorry, yes the price a little expensive .... who would really masi nego
Those who want to bargain after the tough stuff, but please, do not get bargain palace cat sack
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