1973 Vespa Sprint 'Bagol' - For Sale

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Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 6300
Seller Location: West Java

Om Pemisi Mod-Min, Agan-aganwati ...

I mo help his friend sell Vespa.
Vespa SPRINT 'Bagol' 1973, Plate number AB (Jogja), vehicle registration no tp die-reg 2009, Number translucent frame & engine, body plates, Deck ori, Stang Bagol ori, ori lamp Glass 'Siem', ori indicator lights, speedometer ori (not innate motor), Alloy Wheels Fatamora, healthy machine (often using that gawe),
Overall condition can be seen in appearance ..

Ditawarkan Rp 6,3jt Nego..No Afgan ya.

Kalau minat hubungi/ sms HP nya aja di 021-68798008

Lokasi DEPOK

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