Lambretta J125 Starstream - For Sale (Dijual)

Lambretta J125 Starstream. 4 speed. J range The best of the Lambretta J125 Starstream - For Sale (Dijual) Junior range. This is a very beautiful scooter This is a show winner!!! The frame is painted in a Fiat white, and is three toned with a fiat red and a very nice gold.

Lambretta J125 Starstream Classic Scooter. Which really suits the starstream shape!!! Please note all our scooters are painted by ourseleves in house and we only use cellulose paint and no other finishes, As per original. We Pride ourselves on our paint finish, And the paint finish on this scooter is exceptional. We have really gone to town with this scooter and have had all the engine cowls, Wheels, and every littel bolt on piece chromed. These are all orginal parts that have been chromed and not "off the shelve parts". Lambretta J125 Starstream Dijual

Lambretta J125 Starstream - For Sale. The wheel hub's have been powder coated. For there protection against the salt on our road's. The idea for the colour scheme was taken from the gold leaf lotus formula 1 cars from the 1960's.
This is an awesome scooter!!!

Lambretta J125 Starstream for sale by classical white
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 123 456
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta

Lambretta J125 Starstream - For Sale (Dijual). rada relaxing and unfortunately sold Lambretta J125, for other motor bayarin.
using that daily, seamless, that in Krum: front drum blakang, sock rear, kenalpot caps, standard, brake pedal, close the block, ring lights, fan caps, emblems front Lambretta

bonus kepet "L" ori brand "hi level", (straight from the Units English gan). ori handlebar lock is still there to back up ogut love carburetor filter stock, stock emblems Innocenti, new squirrel teeth stock, stock Lambretta emblem on the front are not chrome,
95% originale,
PR wrote the service live, let another good
jgn in pm yes skipper, rarely OL, sms to 0856 9 57 577 66
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