BSA BB31 1956 - For Sale

1956 BSA BB31 - What do other people say about it? BSA BB31 1956 - For Sale Well one of my other moto-crossing neighbours thought it reminded him of a BSA Indonesia, so that'll please Bambang, I know the Solo was iconic for this project. My road-going pal said he'd be happy to take the bike for a spin if the shocks were a bit shorter.

Old Classic Motorcycles 1956 BSA B31. Scrambler Rebuild. For myself, I love this little bike. It's just so RIDE-ME. I know bambang pig been a very naughty boy and he should have restored the B31 to 1956 factory specification but I just don't care. It's too lovely, too, too lovely as it is. Nice one Phillip Rashleigh, thank you.

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1956 BSA BB31 Specifications :

BSA BB31 1956 - For Sale
BSA sdh who sold a total restoration, with their condition as follows:
-new front wheel bearings
-new front brake
-new front axle
-new front shock bushing
LUCAS-glass headlamps, new
-new-light-ring local-made
-new-SMITH speedometer-after market
ammeters-new-after market
headlamp switch-new-
gas-holder-new-after market
AMAL post-handgrip-new-local
BSA-new-local symbols
rubber tank-new-
-rubber caps "BSA"-new
chain, rubber cap keteng "BSA" new-2pcs
boncenger-new-footstep-after market
-new-gas cap-after market
saddle-seat new-local-
new brake-switch-
-new rear-shock (part original Japanese who dikasi slongsong)

MACHINE + gearbox:
-all-new crankshaft BEARING
piston-and-new klep2
bushing-all-new engine and gearbox
The following unit-clutch lining-new clutch-new all-CHAIN
-new clutch-sprocket hosted
-sprocket (as gearbox)-new
rear-wheel sprocket-new
-new-CDI ignition
TS-original carburetor
MACHINE-FIN-no one broken
-new baut2 (galvanized)

The position of the BSA BB31 1956 motorcycle is in jl Kenari 3 no 7A, New Solo, Solo
Bambang Tel 0271-3110202 home.
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