AJS 1956 - European Motorcycle - For Sale

AJS 1956 - European Motorcycle. Its cool hang out. His voice also mantab .. Brum Brum .. .. AJS 1956 - European Motorcycle - For Sale With a stroke length of 93mm makes the motor sound output in 1956 is very typical of the motor udug. Stroke length also makes the motor output of British cruising with AJS emblem on the tank reads this could be great (even further) but the length of stroke is also a good result in less acceleration. I imagine, in its time, this bike is designed not to weave in traffic jams (in 1956 there has been no bad time ya ..). But is suitable for long distance travel.

AJS 1956 I did not have a chance to go touring with friends lovers of classic motorcycles. Some events have missed because I was too far away. Understandably, if surabaya-Mataram, Lombok is a ride motorcycles, although a strong bike, I think the waist and back riders who have plenty of rest .. hehehe. AJS 1956 - European Motorcycle Plenty of rest means need more time to travel. While the job, may not be left too long ... hiks naseb ...
So first bit of my comment .. I will later add the more, because now more eagerly invites wife wants to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol .. hehehe

AJS 1956 - European Motorcycle
AJS 1956 Old Classic Motorcycles
AJS 1956 Pictures

AJS 56 letter hog gearbox, motor roads are very normal and healthy, bright lights, ignition platinum., Selanjutny let the pictures speak!

I sell yr 1956 AJS motorcycle, smooth condition. but complate the letter.
serious can contact me at call / sms: 02199790442
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