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Modifikasi Honda Megapro - Two wheels is by many called the bike man, Modifikasi Honda New Megapro because of the macho looks and his run well qualified. What else could fall in the hands of certain automotive iron horse lovers will be made ​​more frightening and extreme.

Modifikasi Honda Megapro Jap's Style seems to flow try ruled out Radixa Ery. Because according to him, the concept has modif done very common in the country. That's what ultimately makes the man who lives in Cibubur, West Java, choose a style for street tracker on his Honda Mega Pro.

"Moreover, this bike is like the daily use of the house to the store. So it should be different from the others, "said the man whose business moves at a mountain bike and various variations of it.

But, in the implementation of the concept, Ery not alone. He helped his friend by the name of Ardy Mulyonodari B'Set (Satan Berendalan Tevet). Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda Megapro Terbaru 2012 "The initial concept is determined together. Starting from form to color and use of part,
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Modifikasi Honda Megapro - Jap's Style

The tank itself is made from 1.2 mm thick galvanized plate. Gambar Modifikasi Honda Megapro Create a stretcher installation of the speedometer is still a mechanical motion, made holder in the tank to use two 8 mm bolts that pengencangannya process is done from the bottom.

Finally, Modifikasi New Megapro the issue of color selection races. Ery would like to use three color combinations. "I really like KTM. Thus, at least three distinctive colors SE bike there. That is, the Orange-and-white and black, "said the man who also had a Kawasaki Ninja 150 modif full KTM 125 SX's.

Yesterday I had a post with the title Modifikasi Honda CB 125 Japs Style As a supporter of modif view, all parts of the engine even rims and other minor variations whitewash powder coating process. "Let more be the most," added Ery's adventure is also a hobby Modifikasi Honda New Megapro.
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