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1956 Norton 350cc - Old classic Motorcycles The pre-war version of the Model 50 started production in 1933 and used a smaller version of the engine in the Model 18 and ES2. During the '30s, the open diamond frame and cycle parts were usually the same as on the Model 18 whereas the ES2 used the full cradle frame.
A twin ported variant of the Model 50 which was the model 55, only made in the pre-war years .
1956 Norton 350cc - For Sale. It was first offered to customers in 1933 but quite whether the extra exhaust equipment made any difference to the performance is questionable as the engine did not have an extra exhaust valve to go with it.
In 1939 the price margin between the Model 50 and the Model 55 was £2. 1956 Norton 350cc The frame is of the open diamond type, using the engine to provide a rigid joining section.
Machines produced to 1937 had exposed hairpin valve springs, but these were changed to enclosed coils in 1938.

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