BSA B33 500CC 1948

The 1948 - 1950 BSA B33, for those of you not so familiar with it, was the big brother to BSA's post-war B31. The B31 ran 71mm x 88mm engine dimensions while the bigger bore B33 headed toward the nearly-square 85mm x 88mm. The 500cc bike gained a wider rear tyre, heavier flywheels and a larger inlet valve but was otherwise much the same as the 350. Then there was the B34 - a competition machine with high ratio gears, which spawned the DBD34 and the legend that is the Gold Star. But back in 1949 or so, the 23bhp rigid B33 was, like the B31, welcomed for its light clutch, smooth top-gear getaway, tuneful exhaust note and sensible price. These bikes were, according to Owen Wright; 'good looking, well balanced and they performed with spirit.'
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