1956 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175 Sport

1956 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175 Sport

175 Lodola Sport -1956 A sporting inclination 
The Lodola of 1956 was the final model created by Carlo Guzzi, founder of the firm. It was also the first four-stroke Guzzi motorcycle to abandon the traditional horizontal cylinder that had been the "signature" of the marque since 1921. Guzzi had not completely abandoned the horizontal configuration, for the cylinder barrel of the Lodola was inclined at 45 degrees.
1956 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175 Sport

1956 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175 Sport

This was one of the last motorcycles designed by Carlo Guzzi himself. The direct competition to the Lodola Sport was the Ala Biancha built by Aermacchi. We've had two Lodolas. The first was a 1956 model. The second was a 1958 model (the one with the black design on the toolbox). 

Unfortunately, we don't own either of them any more. Maybe it's time to get another one. Also below are original brochures from England and Italy on the Moto Guzzi Lodola. Both of the Lodolas we owned were 175cc Sport models. Some of ads below show the 235cc Gran Turismo.

A Lark with a Hot Temper

The new bike was, like the majority of Guzzis, named for a bird. "Lodola" means "lark" in Italian. It was a funny kind of bird for behind its unassuming exterior lurked a fiery temperament. Technically, it was right up to date, and perfectly attuned to the

fashion for 175cc sports machines. Oddly, the 235cc Gran Turismo version, which appeared in 1959, abandoned the overhead camshaft for valves actuated by pushrods and rockers though the Regolarita version, which stacked up a brilliant string of success in enduro racing, always kept the overhead cam on official bikes and was built until 1966.

More Sporting Than It Looked

The first Lodola Sport of 1956 cost 259,000 Lire, and was modernized in 1958, with a full width tank plus aluminum full-hub brakes to replace the offset drums. Power was uprated from 9 to 11 horsepower. The Lodola had a claimed top speed of 70 mph, a remarkable figure for a production 175 at the time. The 175 was dropped in 1959, and replaced by an overhead-valve 235, current until 1962.

1956 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175 Sport SPECIFICATIONS

  • Engine: 174cc (62x57.8mm) air-cooled 45 degree inclined single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Power Rating: 9 hp @ 6000 rpm
  • Valves: overhead camshaft driven by chain
  • Fuel System: 22mm carburewr
  • Transmission: 4-speed; final drive by chain
  • Suspension: telescopic fork (from); swinging fork with two spring-damper unils (rear)
  • Brakes: drum (front & rear)
  • Wheels: 2.50x18 inch (front); 3.00x17 inch (rear)
  • Weight: 240 lb
  • Maximum Speed: 68 mph
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