1954 AJS Model 16MS 350cc

1954 AJS Model 16MS 350cc. Motorcycles with missing engines or major components are commonly referred to as “parts bikes” and are not covered in this category. Old classic motorcycles AJS Model 16MS 350cc 1954 , Black with gold pinstripes, long term enthusiast owner, in super older restoration condition. Just arrived. YOU CAN NOW ZOOM IN ON THE PHOTOS.

Used for 1954 AJS Model 16MS 350cc and Classic motorcycles only. A poor condition motorcycle has been used and abused and needs major mechanical and/or sheet metal work. It may or may not run. Alterations are evident to frame or sheet metal. Motorcycle is missing or has incorrect parts, i.e. fenders, tank, seat, mechanics, installed. To some individuals this is a “project or parts bike” at best. A #5 motorcycle is one best left to the professional for restoration.

1954 AJS Model 16MS 350cc Pictures

AJS Model 16MS 350cc 1954
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