Honda Scoopy, thanks to Touch of Retro Women

Honda Scoopy Modified Retro Women
Honda Scoopy, thanks to Touch of Retro Women

Modification: Honda Scoopy, thanks Setuhan Women

Down in the fashion class regulatory standards that should only be tidal variation of bolt-on without changing the body and frame, many people say easy. But, still have to be smart select a theme modifications variations also raised.

So in the event Skubek Contezt MOTOR Plus 2011 (21-22/1) yesterday, Honda Scoopy 2010 Dresskandar a stretcher Willy's Rock N Roll theme of the '80s, was named the winner in the appropriate class.

"This theme skubek Scoopy adjust the classical model. I pour over the pictures to-3 features the famous music group in that era, the Rolling Stones, Queen and Kiss. ​​Let beautiful, variations Goddess handed to my wife Rachel," said F-shop owner 16 Motor from Jl. Ciledug Kingdom, No 16, Tangerang.

Honda Scoopy, thanks to Touch of Retro Women

Willy himself admitted only to give input about the airbrush picture on the front to the body side. Characteristics can be seen on the tongue protrude symbol Rolling Stones, Queen song Crazy Little Called Love and pictures Thiny Kiss frontman Paul Stanley.

Moderate touch of femininity can be seen from the installation of a variation on the handlebars, headlight bracket shell, quasi-front-rear rims and tires up to the election ring following a 12-inch wheels knacks on the sweetener.

Even trumpet exhaust design model that has never existed and seen before. According to the father of three children, thanks to the input or ideas of his own wife. "That if you are not involved, possibly the result is not as good as this," she recalls.

If you see the result, there are two main concepts at the touch of the airbrush builder's love for his bike. First, the motor so the artist's aesthetic media, both freehand brush so additional sweetener or flavoring that can be customized more sticking.

The first one had a risk! If baseball fitting, airbrush can 'swallow' the beauty of the existing bodywork. Well, here's a builder so challenge the F-16 this time.

The dominance of pop art aesthetic color shades can be 'reconciled' with the spoils of the body in general. On this side of the jury was impressed enough to appreciate that although solid at once crowded but still enjoyable. Salam Bro Jack! (

Front rim: Rotora 12 inches
Rear rim: Aftermarket custom 12-inch
Quasi adapter: Variations
Sok back: KTC
F-16 Moto: (021) 32,129,916
Authors: KR15 | Text Editor: Nurfil | Photo: Indra GT

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