Honda Scoopy, Hot Rod Mexicano Retro Style

Honda Scoopy, Retro Style Pictures
Honda Scoopy, Hot Rod Mexicano Retro Style

Honda Scoopy, Hot Rod Retro Style Mexicano
When discussing the concept of hot rod in a car that was transferred to skubek, Honda Scoopy is an example of the top. All aspects that characterize and successfully applied the identity of a hot rod.

Taken is the Mexicano genre Style. "The reason for such a view of the Chicano draw with detail and colorful mix of interesting," said Susanto Gunawan aka Yayank, owner and modifier.

The man flying the flag Matic Hot 909 this does not make withdrawals rear axle. "Just moved to the front wheels straight. That's because now use custom rim 6 inches in the rear," told you in.
Indeed, with custom rim width, shape Scoopy already plump body, now become more dense. Compatible with the accents hot rod customizing diidamkannya.Tinggal do to the body.

"For example in the front. Lamp removed and made a kind of grille with a dark black color. Just tongkrongan car there," said the father of two children as he told me that behind the grill was intentionally left blank.

Position the main light is now in the front fender so as to produce a unique form. "The lamp is equipped with projector,. So when lit, the shape is very interesting, 'promo Yayank a typical Bandung always look trendy.

Another thing that reinforces that concept exist in the selection of airbrush motive. "The name's motive Mexicano free flow, because the old paint in construction, so come late Skubek Contetzt MOTOR Plus," he regrets.

Indeed, if observed, this must be the motive can not make it for a while. Details that you want to display is very complex. There was also the effect of gradation in some parts.

"One thing unique is the use of teak for deck coatings. Installation of wood that is already in accordance with the style of hot rod cars in America," says builder who is also an avid tattoo.


Stay Comfortable rigid

Affairs back tomorrow, Yayank chose to use the rigid system. This means there is no play in the quasi-distance behind. "Sok regenerated using iron Duralium," he said.

He preferred the rigid way to avoid subsidence and even feared could have stuck to the tire body. For now it uses extra wide rim.

"But, let me stay comfortable ride, seats can be made to play. Under the seat was given a baseball so that the waist would be sore from rigid suspension last election," the story of the owner of Jl. Cihampelas, No. 187, Bandung.

Seat or butt pad too contrived to be very interesting. Yayank use materials with a wide leather. Moreover, it also provided a kind of engraving. This is called the total down to detail. The concept of hot rod so solid!

Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Front tire: Swallow 120/60-14
Rear rim: Custom 6x14 inches
Rear tire: Swallow 140/60-14
Body: Custom
Exhaust: Custom
Seat: Custom
909: 0813-2213-0168
Authors: Nurfil | Text Editor: Nurfil | Photo: Indra GT

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