1979 HONDA CB 100 - For Sale (Banten)

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SELL relaxed HONDA CB 100 yr 79
Goods Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 5.000.000
Seller Location: Banten

Agan2 Excuse me, want to ride ya selling again

this time want to sell casual favorite motorcycle HONDA CB 100 yr 79
aj langung cekidot:
This first I want to wake up gan, wants the concept was a standard look. So whenever possible ane pake standard accessories luggage year 79 .. hell rata2 ori ga pake accessories, because expensive bgt yg NOS. This ane purchase plus get up've gone about 7.5 jt. Ane already make about 1 year. Want to sell ya aj relaxing, while waiting for suitable price while ttp want ane wake pelan2 lg, tp klo already so the price can be more expensive exact


surat2 vehicle registration & BPKB-complete, the tax already paid for this year
GL-piston pake
Keihin-karbu original ninja
rear rim is still original-HM
-electrical life (except the horn, the same given blm Speedo meter cable sma aj pineapple tooth)
CDI-use electrical RC
just replace the chain-keteng


front-rear shock death, must change
krg-nice paint
front-rim a bit rusty, knowing the taro in front of the house

price: USD 5,000,000 (negotiable once)
CP: 02198824336 / 085693389196

The most delicious clay directly test all things, most usually willing to COD at home klo ane pas weekend Karawaci Tangerang
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