2011 Ural Solo

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This is truly classic motor impairment but has enigne powerful system that is designed with high-tech. This motor is very suitable for the motorcyclist who like classical. This motor is very extreme to see, but the real classic motor in the world. This machine is very modern motor that can produce high power with less fuel. The machine Type Air cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke Boxer engine Bore / stroke 78 mm x 78 mm, 745 cc Capacity, 29 kW rated output at 5600 rpm and Max. torque 52 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The machine will keep running smooth when speed. The engine also creates a nice progress so that this is very easy to control motor speed. This motor is also very smooth to run because it has a motor responsive suspensions. They Telescopic fork Front suspension Rear suspension Double sided swinging arm with hydraulic spring shock absorbers - 2 x adjustable. The suspension reduces vibrations from the wheels. For more information, please visit a dealer near.
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