1950 BSA BANTAM D1 Photo Gallery

BSA Bantam D1 The original was built in 1948. His three-course, was a reflection of the modular engine DKW RT125 Engine, "Now get your pants back on, if you want a different impact with the racket ..." BSA adjusted non-metric tools and the tightening of British tendency to pass large flywheels of the designs over as war reparations.

The 52mm bore 58mm stroke engine had a capacity of 123cc - used later and larger Bantams the same stroke as a capacity to 175cc Rose. The D1 was first with simple, non-damped front fork and a rigid rear end, although piston suspension was an option from the year 1950. The D1 was built until 1955, but the popular Bantam lived on another full 15 years until 1970, what a production life of more than two decades.
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