Honda Super Cub 800 - For Sale

I am selling Honda Super Cub Maw 800 Owned Ahoncomunity

There ga-Spion
Key contacts-OK!
Smooth-wheels, just a little saggy
-light yet at the turn on the headlights just smua ama taillight
-New to try to dent the new year dental Malem 3nya continue steady rise
there are obstacles gan ga ^ ^
handlebar-key! anti-theft gan!
Flame-Stater bendingnya just stay ya gan repair not finished it ngacir: P

Vintage Motorcycles - Honda Super Cub 800

ga nih regret buying motor dah! nice motor already in tests where "in Bandung, ^ ^ and out of town gan!

Prices ya ga neko "is just:

Rp.2.500.000, - ^ ^ aja gan
(can nego)
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