2008 Yamaha Scorpio Z CW - For Sale

2008 Yamaha Scorpio Z CW end Dark
Goods Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 13.500.000
Seller Location: Banten

want to sell pet motorcycle ... ane nih gan

yamaha scorpio z CW 2008 10 months

condition still ok, smooth, smooth engine let pictures speak ...
dah taillight replaced at the seinnya nyatu vega .. there are all the standard stuff

- the standard rear lights
- left and right rear lamp standard sein
- standard exhaust
- handlebar ori
- rearview mirror ori
- Raiser handlebar
- new oil change
- new front tires replaced
- new front brake instead of canvas
- dah lights replaced the xenon, Malem so bright. not a cheap reply
- tankpad

Taxes dead 2 months from the month 10 ...
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