Harley Davidson 1200 VL 1930

Harley Davidson introduced their first F head, or inlet over exhaust engine in 1903 and would remain faithful to the concept until 1929 when the last F head twins left the factory to be replaced for the following season by side valve models. Although in the company did employ other valve configurations in the period between 1903 and 1929, Harley's success in the first three decades of their existence was largely due to their faith in a valve configuration that had largely been abandoned by European manufacturers during the pioneer period. In part this adherence to what is often regarded as an obsolete valve configuration came about due to the designs suitability when applied to North American roads. Unlike Europe, where (comparatively) high revving medium displacement engines would run at constantly varying revs, the States long straight roads resulted in engines running at constant revs for sustained periods. Harley Davidson sought and attained reliability through capacity, their first 1000cc twin had been placed on the market in 1912, coupled to low revs and easy maintenance with continual development and refinement improving the product year on year.

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