1966 Suzuki T20 Hustler

Suzuki T20 Super Six / X6 Hustler 1965—1967 Specifications :

T20 features listed above are:
1) Racing type double leading shoe 8'' front brake
2) Aluminium alloy twin cylinder engine
3) Close ratio 6-speed transmission
4) Twin 24mm carburettors
5) POSI-FORCE lubrication
6) Air pump
7) Scientifically designed quiet efficient mufflers
8) Safe powerful 8'' front brake
9) Wide type tail lamp
10) Safe bright turn signal lamps
11) 3 position adjustable shock absorbers
12) Wide, comfortable dual seat
13) 3.7 gal (14 litre) gasoline tank
14) Racing type throttle
15) Easy-to-read tachometer and speedometer
16) Sturdy oil damped telescopic front fork
17) 12 Volt fully approved lighting system

The 1965 Suzuki X6 Hustler also called the T20 Super Six

Capacity: 247cc Power Output: 29 bhp/ 7.500rpm. Weight: 143 kg (316 lbs) Top Speed: 145 kph (90 mph)

When Suzuki introduced the X6 in 1965 it caused an immediate stir, especially among lovers of light-weight high-performance engines. The small 247cc air-cooled two-stroke engine was capable of almost 90mph and the motorcycle was suprisingly sophisticated.

The goal was to get 100 hp per one liter cylinder volyme, that is 25 hp from a 250 cc engine. Suzuki engineers acchieved this gole and even better. The 250 cc Super T21 (very similar to T20) that came 1966 had even more power: 30,5 hp.

Among the features of interest on this model was unusual separation of the oil pump instead of the typical oil/gasoline premix system. The Hustler was extremely popular and, at the hight of production, Suzuki produced over 5000 machines per month. Totally 35.500 T20/T21 was sold worldwide 1965-1967. Despite it's success, the X6 was only produced for three years.

A offroad version of the T20 was introduced (1967?) with the name TC250 (also called X6 Scrambler). See pictures of Supoer T21 and TC250 at the end of this page.


1. Six-speed gearbox
2. 20.3 cm twin-leading-shoe front brake
3. separate oil pump (not the usual premix)
4. Externally sprung telescopic forks
5. Light alloy barrels with cast-iron liner
6. Kickstarter on the left

Suzuki T20 Hustler Data

Length 76.8 inch (1.95 m)
Width 30.1 inch (0.765 m)
Height 40.6 inch (1.03 m)
Engine Air cooled 2-stroke twin
Bore and stroke 54mm x 54mm (2.1 x 2.1 in.)
Displacement 247cc (15.1 cu in.)
Compression ratio 7.3 : 1
Carburettors Mikuni VM 24 SH (x2)
Carburettor float level 0.98 inch (25.0mm)
Carburettor idle mixture screw Screw out approx 1.75 turns
Maximum power 29 bhp @ 7500rpm
Maximum speed 90 mph
Acceleration Standing 1/4 mile in 15.1s
Braking distance 39.4 foot @ 30mph
Maximum torque 20.3 ft-lb @ 7000rpm
Maximum rev limit 8000rpm
Gearbox 6-speed constant mesh
Overall top gear ratio 6.171 : 1
mph/revs in 6th 100 mph/ 8800rpm
Clutch Wet, 12 plate
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