Triumph Bonneville 1966

Triumph Bonneville 1966
Type: classic
Year: 1966
Color: Blue

1966 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle during the summer of 1967. I was born that year, and I believe he sold the Triumph shortly after I was born.  I have a 1966 Triumph Bonneville. It is in pieces at present and I am enjoying the process of going through it. I love looking at both period pics of these bikes and of nicely restored ones. Here's mine before I began work. Classic 1966 Triumph Bonneville T120R

Model designations for the 1966 Triumph Bonneville line were as before: T120R was the Road version, T120C was the Off-Road/Street Scrambler (like an enduro), and the TT Special was the Competition version, basically a stripped down T120C with model-specific pipes (TT pipes) and special race tuning. The TT Special had never had it's own separate designation, it was a T120C with an option package called the "TT Special". This changed mid-year in 1966, when they became known as T120TTs, as they would until the model disappeared at the end of 1967.

The paint scheme for 1966 differed for the first time from UK/Export and US models. UK and general export bikes were Grenadier Red with Alaskan White accents. US models were Alaskan White with Grenadier Red stripes (3 stripes running down the centerline of the tank, two thin stripes flanking one broad stripe, in the fashion of "racing stripes" on cars of the period).

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