Dijual Honda CB 100 1979 (Bandung)

Dijual Honda CB 100 1979 (Bandung) - Honda CB 100 1979 for sale, It is full body and engine modifications, can be used for daily or for touring. For Sale Honda CB 100 1979 or For sale is guaranteed engine bore up in his run fast and comfortable for the ride. The iron horse owners are bro don jengglot Honda CB 100 for sale may need funds bro don jengglot times hehehehe ... Try deh on call or can sms the following number CP: 085221346818 (Adie).

Dijual Honda CB 100 1979 (Bandung) for the specification and drawings you can see here.

Honda CB100 for sale in 1979. steady state, running kenceng. Ready for the day or touring bike.

BPKB complete vehicle registration, Plat D Bandung Municipality


New piston and piston ring pake original GL PRO

CDI ignition. Spool and magnet use the original Honda Grand

Original GL Pro Shock Home

The new front tire size change pake FDR original MX 90-80

Corsa rear tire brands 100-80

Front and rear wheels original mega pro, size 215-17

The radius of the rear front pake TDR

DAYTONA original spontaneous gas

RX original carburetor King

The rest please look at the photos.
CP: 085221346818 (Adie)

FB: Adie Achmad Soegiat

Location: Bandung

The 1979 Honda CB 100 and all other motorcycles made since 1970. Specifications. Pictures.

1979 Honda CB 100 specifications and pictures
Engine type Engine type Air cooled, 4-stroke air cooled OHC engine, 4-stroke OHC engine
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder Cylinder arrangement 15 degree inclined from the vertical single-cylinder 15-degree angled from the vertical
Bore x stroke Bore x stroke 56.0 x 49.5 mm 56.0 x 49.5 mm
Displacement Displacement 122cc 122cc
Compression ratio Compression ratio 8.0: 1 8.0: 1
Valve train Valve train Chain driven over head camshaft is chain-driven overhead camshaft
Maximum horsepower 8.0 BHP Maximum horsepower at 8.000 rpm 8.0 BHP at 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque Maximum Torque 0.83 kg-m at 4.000 rpm 0.83 kg-m at 4,000 rpm
Oil capacity Oil capacity 1.0 liter 1.0 liter
Lubrication System Forced Lubrication system Wet sump Forced and wet sump and
Cylinder head compression pressure Cylinder head compression pressure of 12 kg / sq cm at 1.000 rpm, 12 kg / sq cm at 1000 rpm-
Intake valves opens BTDC Intake valve opening degree 0 0 degrees BTDC
Intake valves Intake valve closes ABDC Closes 30 degree ABDC 30 degrees
Exhaust valves opens the exhaust valve opening degree BBDC 35 BBDC 35 degrees
Exhaust valves the exhaust valve closes ATDC Closes 0th degree 0 degrees ATDC
Valve tappet clearance Valve tappet clearance 0.05 mm 0.05 mm
Idle speed Idle speed of 1.300 rpm 1300 rpm


Clutch Clutch Wet, Wet multi-plate, multi plate
Transmission Transmission 5-speed constant mesh 5-speed constant mesh
Reduction Primary 4055 4055 Primary reduction
Gear ratio Gear ratio 1 1 2769 2769
Gear ratio Gear ratio 2 2 2125 2125
Gear ratio Gear ratio 3 3 1578 1578
Gear ratio Gear Ratio 4 4 1000 1000
Gear ratio Gear ratios 5 5 0724 0724
Final reduction Final reduction 4000 4000
Gear shift Gear shift pattern operated food Left return patterns of food system back to the system operation time


Frame type Semi double cradle frame type Semi double cradle
Front suspension, front suspension travel, travel telescopic fork, 152mm Telescopic fork, 152mm
Rear suspension, rear suspension travel, travel Swing arm, swing arm 94mm, 94mm
Front tire Front tire 2.75 - 21 (4PR) Semi Knobby 2.75 to 21 (4PR) Semi prominent
Rear tire Rear tire 4:00 - 18 (4PR) Semi Knobby 4.00 to 18 (4PR) Semi prominent
Front / rear brake Front brake / rear internal expanding shoes Internal expanding shoe
Fuel capacity 4.5 lit Fuel Capacity 4.5 lit
Fuel reserve capacity reserve fuel burning capacity of 0.5 lit 0.5
Modifikasi Honda CB 100
Caster Angle Caster angle 61.30 '61.30'
Trail Trail length of 105 mm length 105 mm


Overall length 1955 mm Overall length 1.955 mm
Overall width 840 mm Overall width 840 mm
Overall height 1095 mm total height 1.095 mm
Wheel base 1280 mm Wheel base 1.280 mm
Seat height 780 mm Seat height 780 mm
Foot pegs Foot peg height 335 mm height 335 mm
Ground clearance Ground clearance 260 mm 260 mm
Dry weight 88 kg dry weight of 88 kg


Ignition Ignition Flywheel magneto flywheel Dinamo
Starting system Starting system Kick starter Kick starter
Alternator Alternator AC Generator AC Generator
NGK Spark plugs Spark plug D 8-L ES 24ES NGK or ND X-ES D 8 L or ND X 24ES
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