Honda CB 125S 1974 - For Sale

1974 Honda CB 125S Classic Motorcycles Pictures
Honda CB 125S 1974

Honda CB 125S 1974 - For Sale
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 123 456
Seller Location: West Java


Honda CB 125S 1974 - For Sale Excuse mimin and momod, ane want to look a little rupiah dimari.
ane want to sell honda motor cb125s asia edition. Ane cb get this stuff from the moment the new and old users tokcer conditions.
BPKB + instead of the original vehicle registration sticker, life long tax
motor is already ane check the engine, because the former wearers so plating machines and settings have not been in the electrical aneh2 brackish adopt platinum.
motor is in London
No bonus for the consumer the right! a set of electrical CDI
* special offer until 24 hours from now
fast response = 08562274614
Honda CB 125S 1974 CLassic Motorcycle
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