BMW Classic Motorcycles

BMW Classic Motorcycles

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When something new comes, the old one will eventually forgotten, lost and gone forever. But unlike what happened in the figure of this German motorcycle. existence of previous generations who slowly begins to fade, try to be revived by a man who falls in love with BMW since attending elementary school.

BMW Classic Motorcycles. Speechless alias mute, that's the first impression that arises when reporters entered the Gila Motor garage and living room Soeharno. How baseball, sparkle paint from dozens of classic BMW motorcycle that he had a collection of nyolok directly into the eye. BMW motor variants arguably the Soeharno collection is not yet complete, but the neat rows of motorcycles in his garage and living room is enough love for the product logo illustrates the propeller plane.
Her love of BMW motorcycles began when Soeharno still sitting in elementary school. At that time he saw a motorcycle pass her house dipelataran softly but can run fast. But that's not what makes Soeharno fascinated. As he recalled the figure of a passing motor, there is no chain that connects the engine to the rear wheels. "Motor hell ya? Surely costly motor "is the phrase that appears to fill the heart and brain. And it was too early Soeharno love.

BMW R50S 3
The 61-year-old man who did not complete his education as an architect at the University of Trisakti, finally able to realize his dream to have a BMW motorcycle in 1997. BMW R50S 500cc output was in 1961 that eventually became the haven of his heart. Iron horse bearing the propeller plane was bought from a friend for $ 7.5 million of silver.

BMW Classic Motorcycles. BMW R50S which is a small sports model BMW comes to complete the generation of the BMW Boxer engine. Motorcycle BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke or parent gives pride for him, many charge a long history plastered on every inch of this bike.
In the years 1923-1973 or the span of 50 years, the company BMW, Germany, manufactures motorcycles. First kind is the R-32 between 1923 and last until 1926 R75 / 5 1969 to 1973.
BMW Classic Motorcycles are projected as a powerful motor and high-tech, but the price remains affordable bandrol by the community. Motor was also designed to explore the jungle, snow fields, to bulldoze the motor racing track.

BMW Classic Motorcycles. The presence of BMW motorcycles in Indonesia began in the era of the 1950s, thousands of BMW motorcycles began to flood the land of the archipelago. BMW presence in Indonesia as it only occurs in two ways. First through the government. This path is allowed only BMW owned by army officers at the time.
The second pathway, through the private sector by building the exhibition and book. The most widely enter Indonesia is the BMW Motorcycle 249 cc single cylinder, namely R-25, R26, and R/27.
BMW Classic Motorcycles are now the object of prey to collectors. Not only because of its historical value, duitnya too big bro. Imagine, the motor output of 1961 that was purchased for 7.5 million in 97 years ago, now can reach 200 millions. Want to.?
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