1963 Vespa Congo Mode VGLB - For Sale

1963 Vespa Congo Mode VGLB

Vespa Congo 1963 - On sale
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 17 million
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta


MODEL: VGLB Congo Version

There are two engines gan, Exel engine and vehicle registration along BPKB ORIGINAL engine fotocopian gan ...

PRICE: 17 MILLION nego gan no afgan

interested please call 02195883400

1963 Vespa Congo Scooter Classic

As we both know, war is raging on the continent of Africa in the decade of 1960 to give effect to the popularity of Vespa particularly irrational in beloved homeland. As part of a caring nation Indonesia to world peace, then after the expiration of the Congo War (the country several times changed the name of Congo, Zaire, Congo) dated July 31, 1960 the United Nations proclaimed the Republic of Indonesia to send its troops to be part of a peacekeeping force in Congo State. Being a high concern for peace on earth, Indonesia Nations sent troops to Congo with his best troops password Garuda Indonesia over several times landing.

After duty as peacekeepers completed, Garuda Indonesia troops receive a token of appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, where one of them a Vespa (from some sources say that the administration was also there in the form of money and a few crates sewing needle). Vespa has indeed seen here binding on us (the scooteris) with our nation in the international arena, although it is never written in gold ink history of this republic.

Vespa interesting note that the award is also inseparable from the traditions of the military world. Some sources say that for a green Vespa 150 cc is for the higher level of military rank, while the yellow and blue 125 cc for the lower rank level. In addition to the complete identity of the Vespa is also pinned a sign on the number of soldiers is concerned, on the left handlebar (the handlebar) oval shaped made of brass and an award plaque that accompanies it.

After that it is in those years as the Vespa Vespa ramailah Congo wandering in the streets, which adds a new Vespa Vespa type previously been present. This condition was also a positive impact on sales of Vespa in the country at that time. Vespa Congo who have been rounded to contribute in the form of free advertising to the importers of Vespa in Indonesia. This then lead to the development of such a stigma here that it is round Vespa ... Vespa Congo.

So do not be surprised if the current generation before we call round as Vespa Vespa Congo, although the real question is Vespa Vespa Vespa output in 1962 or 1965, for example, the output (this is a natural writer ever when asked to someone who is quite old and was with vespanya He says this Vespa Congo ... yes ... never mind).

Over time they begin an evolution of the Vespa Congo extinction in the ground water occurs. Many reasons that make it happen, like the Vespa has sold or intended by the original owners there are some parts that are damaged so it is very difficult to repair. This is due to the limited number of Vespa that type was also significant due to its existence by the number of our soldiers are receiving. Although I never met the Vespa type that does not belong Forces Garuda Indonesia (Vespa also seem to remember the kind of entry into Indonesia through a Vespa importers that time), but still it will supply spare parts and other things that accompany it, such as front or speedo spakbor meter was minimal available. Not so with other types of Vespa is still widely produced even by a local production house.

With the above conditions then the Vespa Congo began on the list as one of The Most Wanted Vespa in Indonesia, which is used as a mount scooteris as well as a collector's item for collectors Vespa.
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