Honda CB-100 1976 - Double Stater Modif Retro Classic

Honda CB-100 1976 Pictures

Honda CB-100 1976 - Retro Classic Double Stater Modification
honda cb 100 1976
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 13.5 million
Seller Location: Central Java
intention of selling chill out, make capital may be the new host,

Old Classic Motorcycles Honda CB-100 1976

Honda CB 100 in 1976, BPKB vehicle registration, tax + noka nosin live along
license plate on his own behalf "K" starch

engine specs:
Tiger block bore up piston OS 100,
head tiger revo late 2011
megapro crutch up + sleep 6.8 mm stroke
karbu megapro primus
oplosan ratio / short 1-2 3-4-5 panjaaaaang
primary secondary megapro
house clutch 6 layers + 6 per
14-41 final gear
exhaust tiger revo
modification of the dynamo electric starter in front of
spull mocin third wheel rolls over
magnetic megapro
inner and outer double pulser
Shogun CDI kebo ori
Electrical fullwave H4 headlights (no droop)
12 V batteries 10ampere Binter Merzy
shock front of the tiger 2004
rear shock tiger revo 2011
tiger swing arm 2004 modif
spec motors:
congenital ori + tank emblem
Accu box replica cb 100 + emblems
megapro new front fender
CB 125 rear fender replica
stopan toad harley rear V80 +
CB twin headlights cast replica almu
replica handlebar suzuki sprinter
holder megapro
thick old school seat
tie gl ori

healthy engine smoothly victorious anti-strike, ready to drag and touring, he ..
manat? ja pm
progresadventr - UserID: 696932
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