1969 BSA Bantam B175 - Classic Motorcycles

1969 BSA Bantam B175 Pictures
1969 BSA Bantam B175 Classic Motorcycles

Oldmotorclassic.blogspot.com - You have to understand, dear reader, that in embarking on this adventure I did not know any better. I say this in anticipation of a lifted eyebrow when you learn that the steed concerned was a 1969 B175 Bantam. (Well I think it is actually part D14/4 and part B175, but the engine was B175 and it had the decent forks).

Model Name Years Produced Engine Top Speed No. of
Gears Rear
Suspension Electrics Colour scheme
& Bushman 1969–1971 175 cc, 12.6 bhp (9.4 kW) 65 mph (105 km/h) 4 Swinging Arm Wipac

Vintage Bikes BSA Bantam B175 1969
1969 BSA Bantam B175 Old Classic Motorcycles

The engine 1969 BSA Bantam B175 is a unit construction (engine and gearbox of one piece) single cylinder 2 stroke. The barrel is cast iron while the head is alloy. The gearbox was initially three speeds, later versions went to four, fed through a "wet" clutch. Ignition was of two types a Lucas battery powered coil in earlier machines or a magneto by Wipac.
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