1961 Honda CB72 Superhawk Dream 305cc Specifications and Pictures

Honda CB72 Superhawk Dream Pictures
1961 Honda CB72 Superhawk Dream 305cc

Special in the UK, this bike called Honda Supersports. This model is quite important taon the 60's. Because the motor is dijadiin evidence that Japanese-made designs and strength can conquer the hearts of European riders.

Oh yes, back then! Honda is what most big air-cc. Precisely the capacity of 305cc, 27.5 hp in power 9,000 rpm. Net weight of 160 kg with a fairly high maximum speed, 166 km / hour.
Vintage Bikes Honda CB72 Superhawk Dream

Manufacturer Honda
Also called Dream Super Sport, Super Hawk, Honda305
Production 1961–1967
Successor CB350
Engine 305 cc (18.6 cu in) OHC parallel twin
kick and electric start
Top speed Near 100 mph (160 km/h)
Power 28.5 hp (21 kW

Owning a vintage motorcycle compels one to tinker. I've been keeping a repair log, detailing the "behind-the-scenes" of what it takes to maintain this machine in good riding order. It is safe to imagine that many of the events described there will be encountered by anyone who wants to maintain their vintage bike in riding condition.

Of course, owning and fixing this bike is great, but riding it is even better. I like the back roads the best. Sometimes I keep a riding log and sometimes I just jump on the bike and disappear down the road.

Honda CB72 Dream Super-hawk
That in this picture framed in 1966, two-cylinder with two carburetors kinds Bonenville Triumph. The device is quite sophisticated comfort. This motor is equipped with electric starter. The Honda C71, C76, C72, C77 Dream and CA72 and CA77 (CA77 is also known as the CA78) were called Dream. Honda Dreams of the 1960s had a similar motor to that on the CB72/77, with the main difference being that the CA72/77 had a pressed frame while CB72/77 had a tube frame with the motor acting as piece of the frame. The motor of the CA72/77 featured a 360 degree crankshaft and single carb. The Honda Dreams were touring bikes with a more relaxed sitting position and more sheetmetal and ornamentation and offered a more docile experience than the blood-stirring Super Hawks.
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