Honda CB 175cc K6 1973 - Modif Bobber Style For Sale

1975 Honda CB 175cc K6 Pictures
Honda CB 175cc K6 1973 - Modif Bobber Style For Sale

Old Classic Motorcycles 1973 Honda CB K6 175cc

1973 Honda CB K6 175cc
Item Condition: New
Price: Rp. 12,345,678
Seller Location: Yogyakarta Special Region


Jual LOVE ... Honda CB 175cc, K6 Year 1973


1. LETTERS = LIVING-ALL get along
The main framework of the original, non Kropos, Center shaft, Repaint car paint silver chrome
Original Swing Arm
Under the original triangle is still there stangnya key, the key children ilang
Triangle top seemed to have added Pro GL Extension
Spakboard Custom front, rear Spakboar original extended (all chrome on repaint)
Rear drum Front tire and Original (large)
Original rear wheel ring 17 ', custom ring Front Wheel 18 "
110 Tubeless Rear Tire 80%, 80% Front Tire tubeless
Headlamp CB 100, custom front turn signal lights
Rear stop lamp had a truck, Sein Rear CB 100
Original gas tank Close the right, still Canned tebel, wrapped in a resin tank .. let durable, RE-Paint, putty the emblem only.
Original seat plate, foam skin modif + (still want to be changed again)
Speedometers, Handle, Grip Original
Stang (Bar) Custom (from Trill aluminum handlebar)
Future Shock (cekidot)
Custom Stainless steel exhaust (Dragon fly HD sound) .. yet .. dirapiin
Foot Step original frame, step foot custom BMX street Jalu kuatt

Piston is still standard, Standard Ring
Top engine All (Noken, valve timing, valve seals, home plugs) new Rebuild Materials Review Top-cer.
Section under the engine still sounds alus ..
There are voices in rante kamprat and stationary chain aja .. just change.
Carburetor Honda S90Z double hers. More mantabs from the original. GAK limp.
Ignition is CDI + pulser (shogun) lompat2 not stable.
Electrical cables use a new cable car .. (neat), lamp life of the relay system will not break the car halogen, flame Non Accu.Lampu all.
Magnets are still big electric topcer
Double Stater has been removed by the user before
there is a new valve seal part to care if ngebul just change (fair old motor engine oil heat diputer blm)
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