2011 Ural Motorcycles Update

2011 Ural Motorcycles Update Pictures
2011 Ural Motorcycles Update – Ural Motorcycles has announced updates to its 2011 model year motorcycle and sidecar. From 2011, the Ural motorcycles all have aluminum wheels on all models (previously only on patrol and Tourism), Duro tires, trunk locks on all bikes, new tonneau covers and aprons Cordura , new lights round, top fork bolts made of aluminum, and improved high-strength final drive gear bolt ring -.

In 2011, the squad now the default color orange other with strips of silver and blue with white stripes. The first official pictures of the Gear-Up model shows the new Gobi Desert Camouflage, which will replace the famous African camouflage livery. Also in 2011 Gear-Up is now equipped with individual seats (with Cordura fabric) and a carrier rear bumper.

Importer with the plant, can also personalize the 2011 Ural Motorcycles Update. The options are almost 20 different colors of paint (you can choose one or two-tone paint combinations), a black engine and transmission, and silver trim, and T and T-Model Patrol. Ural, says that sales have gone well. “Sales are pretty crazy last October, and especially – the largest retail sales from October 2006),” company spokesman says.
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