Kawasaki KZ200 [Binter Merzy th.'80] For Sale

1980 Kawasaki KZ200 Binter Merzy Pictures


Kawasaki KZ200 / Binter Merzy th.1980
Complete Letters BPKB vehicle registration, Living conditions
200 cc, the engine is still the standard has not been compromised or a bore-up
Ignition is CDI (new), new kabel2 aja re sequence
machines are still very good, the head of the spark plugs and new spark plugs

Rear tire IRC CS-45 size 3.50-18 "
Swallow the front tire size 3.00-18 X-Cross "
Front spakbor Honda XL (ori)
Spakbor behind Yamaha DT (repro)
His seat use have Yamaha LS3
Stang Honda XL (repro)

Swing Arm already diCoak the inside, I'll be wearing a big tire
Drum, karbu & emblems (Not for Sale)
who will be paired later use karbu and Tromol original discbrake

please enjoy and study through Photo2nya
(deliberately not washed first let me not deceive aka whatever they are):

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