FOR SALE : Honda CB 100 '76 Jap Style

1976 Honda CB 100 Jap Style

Good Afternoon .. FJB
ane willing nawarin CB jap's ane ni ... Ever parking at the Forum also UTI gan lho ..
The condition is very satisfactory for daily use ..
ehehhe ..
Machine spec:

Block and Head ori GL PRO Neotech., Piston 0.25, CB congenital original gearbox, CDI Shogun 110., karbu GL PRO CDI / Black Engine. ,

Run it for sure yahuuuuddd .. to the current city streets .. .. ehehhe

Complete with a correspondence course ... ehehhe death tax.
immediately wrote a check ..
If interested to become its new master CB jap ...
PM ane ya gan ..
Fast respone at 08526520245
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