1974 Yamaha RD 350 (6-speed)

1974 Yamaha RD 350 (6-speed) Pictures
1974 Yamaha RD 350 (6-speed)

SELL YAMAHA RD [classic motor complete surat2 74 th]
Goods Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 7.500.000
Seller Location: Central Java

Gan ane want to sell yamaha RD 125 top markotop clear sip sip ... hehehe
ane area solo, klo some 7.5 million of interest rates rp
expensive? {nego aja all see the goods first place,, anyways dikaskus nego klo ga ga ane afdol also just do not think in afgan aja}

Ane sightings blm sempet photo2 brother cz klo ane ane ngabarin new bike want to sell,,,

tp kyk kira2 his form so gan (sample aja ya let me know agan2 picture)

Ane brother just calm agan2 selling casual bgt kok,,, so diafgan mending klo aja simpenan let jadiin goods price rises added a new first sold again ...
THX ya gan stop by shanties ane dah ...
Syukur2 help syundull ...

Ntar klo ane upload some interest in the original pict gan purple & n machines already in chrome front shock'll add fresh muyuss N,,,
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