1973 Honda CB 125 - For Sale (Jawa Tengah)

1973 Honda CB 125

Goods Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 10.000.000
Seller Location: Central Java

CB 125 Full Original
Without strings attached, image diplototin yes, Gan
CB Wren K2 yr 1974
Color: Red
Taxes: Living, USD 59.000/thn
The letters get along and formal legality
Cat full original
Body full original

1973 Honda CB 125 - Full Original

6 volt
Disadvantages: RPM dead, tp gear pineapple muter
Original exhaust to 2
Sunduk front sate
Safety boncenger rear (crank)
SALE the collector who likes motorcycles Original only, not suitable for modifications which would be made
Disimpen battery light bulb, afraid to fall, so once installed aja yg imitasinya
If purchasing a complete indication of all original plus embelm
Description and photos so first, Ntar ditambahin again
Rp 10 jt, nett
Andi 0811274454
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