1980 Suzuki GP 125 - For Sale

Goods Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 2.300.000
Seller Location: West Java

Excuse Oom Oom Momod & Mimi

For those who like to Agan agan n rare collection of old motors, Ane nawarin SUZUKI GP 125 Color Black Red in 1980

- 2 stroke 125 cc engine (the oil pump the way)
- Plat B (East Jakarta)
- Machine dry (no seepage, also economical premium gan, already test Bandung - Cianjur - Cibeber most ga nyampe 3 liters Gan)
- Carburetor Ori luggage
- Taxes in October (per year 108,000)
- vehicle registration in 2014 (long-Gan, rarely the old motor tax is administered miara gan, hehehe),
- Front tire (new), good rear tires
- GS 6 Volt Battery brand (new)
- Disc Brakes front normal n good

- Spion standard (new)
- Chain a set Ori (SGP have Gan, new)
- Shockbreker DPN is still soft, rear jg msh pake NTC pretty soft
- Engine Oil Castrol (just replace) Side Oli Shell Helix (still a lot of new dressing)
- Electrical normal Nyala
- ID card may borrow kalo mw behind the name (ID Kampung Melayu, Jatinegara, East Jakarta)
- Seats are still tolerable
- Speedo meter flame is tp ga

Which is not just Glass Spion Ori, Shockbreker n spakbor front and rear lights rear sein. Her other Original sizable Smooth.

sold out
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