Spirit HondaTiger - In Body Honda CB 100

Spirit HondaTiger - In Body Honda CB 100

Motor may be old, that important baseball is often crashed and still ade larinye. That principle held Safiih citizens Podok Pumpkin, South Jakarta. It is said that the motor is 10 years nih Bang Safiih nemenin wherever he goes. Not only that, it turns out that ordinary Safiih Bang on calling him by his friends was riding a Honda CB 100 sitting on the bench since 4th grade. Naturally, her passion for Honda products this one is very big.

"I used to often ride motorcycles CB 100 had a boss. Incidentally since 4th grade I was working at a car repair shop. Finally, until now attracted the same motor nih. At home there is still one and would add one more, "said the man who works as a motorcycle in the garage menkanik general.
Spirit HondaTiger - In Body Honda CB 100

In order to maintain motor performance and comfort that arguably already quite old, Safiih bike repair and dressing themselves. The important thing is this bike for him not to make trouble. Because when I purchased this bike 10 years ago, his condition had begun not roadworthy.

As a result thanks to the ability and knowledge to improve motor, Honda CB 100 alerts in 1975 was quite a lot of people ogled.

If diperhatiin results Abang touch this one, do not lose the same modifier-modifier famous. Some sectors in the Honda CB100 is already getting a change with the touch of cold hands still considering that in terms of comfort and performance.

On this machine CB 100, Bang Safiih mencangkokan innards Honda Tiger. The impact of his engine capacity and energy swell was quite powerful. Besides the engine innards, other supporting components are also embedded in this CB 100. So for the affairs of the motor running on this one, not much different with Tiger even though his form is Honda Honda CB 100.

To Kaburatornya, Safiih picked a Honda GL100 CDI and its use of the Honda Grand. The choice of these two components because of reasons not to make trouble in the future and do not need a big cost. Understandably mas minimal funds, which is important not to make trouble, "he explained.

Sector's legs, picked Safiih many parts of Suzuki. Airs next use of the Suzuki A 100 is combined with the tube's quasi Suzuki Satria FU. While the quasi-back using a quasi-Honda Tiger.

For the swing arm, swing arm Safiih mencangkokan Suzuki Smash a given layer of chrome color. While the back of a stolen goods Footstep of Suzuki Satria FU.

Front and rear wheels using a wheel rossi to sustain bettlax 80/90-17 tires for front wheels and 110/70-17 for the rear wheels.

As for memperidah view, Safiih still retaining some original parts such as congenital Honda CB 100 tank, exhaust, front and rear fenders and rear lamps. In addition, Safiih also apply some after-market products such as headlights, seats, mirrors, speedometer, brake and clutch lever.

Upss there too, also Safiih handlebar pinch-owned Tiger Revo. And that has changed the rear brakes from drum to disk system, using a Nissin master brake and nutmeg pig's Supra.
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