Honda CB 100 : CB Gelatik The Everlasting Bike

Honda CB 100 : CB Gelatik The Everlasting Bike Pictures

Honda CB 100 : CB Gelatik The Everlasting Bike

Starting time reopen the family photo album that has long memory storing a myriad of beloved family, Taufik eventually found himself at the age of 6 months is in a photo frame in 1978 dijepret ago. She found her little body was in love with his mother's arms with a Honda CB 100 motorcycle owned by his father's red.

"At that time my mother told me my father had once had a Honda motorcycle, but he did not know what kind of Honda motorcycles, which he knows only Honda motorcycles," explained the man owner of this blog.

"Finally I re-open the photo album and find out what Honda is my mother. When I found the photo, the photo turned out to describe myself at the age of 6 months is carrying mothers with Honda CB 100 K3 1978 output is red, "added the man who berdomosili in this city of Bogor rain.

Honda CB 100

Over time, terbesit in the minds of men with two of his daughters was to buy a motor CB 100 as a birthday gift for her father which fell on April 11. All efforts made to get the birthday present. Because of his noble intentions, finally in 2009 ago, Honda CB 100 or better known as the Honda CB alerts Wren was obtained in the 1973 Bandung, West Java with 90% unrestored condition alias almost entirely still in original condition.

Not long ago, Taufik re-buying the Honda CB 1974 Wren blue alert for himself purchased from someone who lived in the town of Pati, Central Java. Since then, he was often riding with his father to divide the streets of Bogor with CB Wren.

But unfortunately, Honda CB Wren enjoy togetherness that did not last long. Lapse of four months of his father left him, his family and the Honda CB Gelatiknya forever.

"At first I was confused, why CB 100 73/74 alerts or K2 version is called Wren. It turns out that the main form of lamp black bird-like head of the typical Indonesian, Wren. I think that is everlasting bike Honda CB lah. If we look at the design of motor sport in the 70s until the 80s start at CB 100, CB 400, CB 750 looks like it. So arguably CB 100 is a miniature motor sport that era. Because it is a pride got this CB Wren and baseball will I sell, "said the man was born 30 September 1977.

Although today many new motorcycles popping by offering millions of models and the latest technology, but the figure of a motor that is still the belle of many motorcycle enthusiasts in Indonesia. Although the age of this bike was nearly half a century, and the production had already stopped a long time, but the hunt Honda CB 100 is still widely spread throughout Indonesia.

Motor was first present in Indonesia in 1971 berlebel Honda CB 100 K1 which was distributed by the trademark holder PT. Federal Motor is now a PT. Astra Honda Motor. Although at that time Honda CB comes with a choice of engine capacities ranging from 100cc, 125 cc to 200 cc, but the Honda CB 100 was the one who is still to be excellent.
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